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Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. For a comprehensive overview of all available features, including easy to follow how-to guides and FAQs, please visit our new support portal:









  • Is this really free?

    Yes, using FreeConferencePro really is free. We do offer paid plans with premium features, but there is absolutely no cost at all to host unlimited phone or online conference calls, no catch.

    In regards to call costs, Each conference participant dials a regular U.S. telephone number to reach our service. Depending on each user‘s location, this may be a long distance call, in which case their phone company may charge them according to their long distance plan. The call itself is free to users with nationwide, unlimited, or bundled long distance service. Use of FreeConferencePro is always completely free for all users, and you can use it as often as you need and for as long as you like, no strings attached.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    No. FreeConferencePro does not require you to sign a contract to use our services. By using our service you do agree to abide by our Terms & Conditions.

  • Is there any fee for customizing recorded welcome greetings?

    A Custom Greeting provides your callers with a Welcome prompt as they dial into your conference. This service is available at the flat rate of $9.99/month. You can cancel the custom greeting subscription at any time to avoid additional charges. Just make sure to cancel before the top of your next billing cycle otherwise you will be charged for the next month.

    The custom greeting subscription also comes with other premium features, please visit our pricing page for more details.



  • If service is free, how does FreeConferencePro make any money?

    We make most of our money in the form of a marketing incentive that we receive from the phone companies that host our conference servers. While many of our customers love our free plan, we do have upgraded features that certain customers pay for, you can find those features on the upgrade tab on your page.

  • What is required to use FreeConferencePro? Do I need any special equipment?

    All you need is a Passcode and access to any touch-tone telephone – a landline, mobile phone, or even a pay phone.

  • How does it work? Is this VoIP or an Internet call?

    This is not an Internet call. You call our Conference dial-in number using any ordinary telephone — landline or cell phone — into our conference server. The other participants in your conference dial the same dial-in number from the phone of their choice and meet you there.

  • How quickly can I be conferencing?

    As quickly as you can inform your participants of the date, time, Conference dial-in number and access code, you can be conferencing.

  • What's the difference between On-Demand and Scheduled conferencing?

    On-demand Conferencing is a free audio conferencing service that can be used instantly, securely, and anonymously. You do not have to set up a user account nor provide us with any information regarding your conference. Everyone who calls the same dial-in number and enters the same access code will be connected together. Scheduled conferences would send out email invites with the conferencing information such as the date and your dial-in number and access code to your invitees. Scheduling is not mandatory.

  • Can I get toll-free (800 number) access to the conference?

    While they are not listed on our different available subscriptions, we do offer toll-free dial-in numbers. If this applies to you please contact us at with your toll-free dial-in numbers request and account details to arrange it.

  • Do you provide local numbers to reach your service?

    No, we only provide phone numbers in certain area codes because our systems are located there. If domestic long distance is included in your or your participants' phone service plan, calls to those area codes are completely free.



  • How often can I use this free conference service?

    Use FreeConferencePro as often as you like. You can host as many conference calls as you need. The access code you receive after signing up is yours to use anytime you want to host a call for 2 to 1000 telephone participants.

  • How many people can be on a conference call?

    Currently FreeConferencePro calls can include up to 1000 telephone participants (multiple people calling in from a single location such as on a speaker phone is considered a single participant). If you will be hosting an event for more participants, please contact us.

  • How long can my conference call be?

    Call duration is unlimited – use FreeConferencePro as often and as long as you like. (individual sessions are limited to 12 hours to prevent incorrect hang-ups)

  • How many conferences can I set up? Can they happen at the same time?

    There is no specific limit on how many conferences you can host or when they can occur. Each conference is associated with a Conference dial-in number and a unique access code. Our system ensures that each conference is unique and private; therefore you cannot have more than one conference occurring simultaneously.



  • Can someone have the same Passcode as me?

    No. Your access code is unique and is yours alone.

  • Is this conference service secure?

    Yes. Only those people provided with your access code may join your conference. Your Host Keypad Controls enable you to mute participants, and end the call at anytime.

    Using your computer, your Online Meeting room adds the additional functionality of being able to see exactly who is on the call and their status. Your FreeConferencePro Portal allows you to configure advanced security options, such as requiring multiple levels of access, and more. You can also change your access code or Moderator PIN at any time.

  • How safe is my email address and personal information? Will they be sold or made available to others?

    Never. We value your privacy and our relationship with our customers. We will never sell or share your email address or other personal information with anyone. FreeConferencePro will send you an occasional email with updates on new features or services, or about changes to our network. You can view our complete Privacy Policy here.



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