Below are answers to our most frequently asked support questions. We are committed to making this resource as helpful for our customers as possible, so if you don’t see the information you’re looking for, or have suggestions as to what we can improve, please create a trouble ticket.









  • I have not received an email confirmation from FreeConferencePro.

    Your email is sent instantly but it does contain the word FREE in it and may be routed to your junk mail folder by your email program. If you have signed up and did not receive your confirmation, please contact support.

  • I entered my Passcode, but the system says it is invalid.

    First make sure you are entering the correct Passcode and dial it slowly (to ensure that you have access to Host features, make sure you enter your Host ID). If you have forgotten your Passcode, please log in to your FreeConferencePro Portal. Your Passcode is shown on your Dashboard.

    If you encounter this problem while using a VoIP/SIP device or a mobile phone, the audio quality may prevent our system from recognizing the keys (DTMF tone) you entered. A potential workaround is to save your conference access number and the passcode as a "contact" so that your phone can send the passcode directly to us. You will need to use one or more pause or extension symbols between the access number and the passcode. Common such symbols include "pause" (p), "extension" (x), "comma" (,) and "semicolon" (;), for example: 000-000-0000,1234 or 000-000-0000pp1234. Please consult your phone manufacturer or your service provider to determine which symbol to use.

  • I can't log in to my Portal.

    Be sure to log in with your accurate User Name and Password (they are case-sensitive). If you copied and pasted either of these into the login box, extra characters or a space may have been added, which will make your information appear incorrect. If you have forgotten your User Name or Password, please use forgot password page to reset your password.

  • I am dialed into a call, but my Host Keypad Controls are not working.

    Please make sure you entered the * key after your Passcode (after which you would be prompted for your Host ID); if you entered the # key after your Passcode, you will have participant capabilities only and you will not be able to access Host Controls on your phone, and your Live Conference Control Panel may not function properly.

  • There is echo or background noise on the call.

    Echo or noise can enter the conference through the telephone lines used by one or more of the participants in the conference. Since all lines are bridged together, a conference call can only be as good as the worst connection on the call. We strongly recommend that all participants, whenever possible, avoid using cellular phones, cordless phones, headsets, etc. If you encounter an echo or noise during your conference you can try the following procedure: Ask everyone to mute themselves using touch-tone *6 on their phone keypad. Then ask each participant, one at a time, to un-mute him or herself (again using touch-tone key *6). When the echo or noise returns, the "culprit" will have been identified. That person should be asked to hang up and dial back in again, using a different telephone if possible.

  • How do I change my time zone?

    Log into your FreeConferencePro Portal and go to the My Account tab, and click the “Change” button next to Time Zone.

  • Can I get a telephone number for customer support?

    We do not offer telephone support for our free services. We do, however, offer human support by email. All inquiries will be responded to within one business day.



  • How do I set up a conference call?

    For an On-Demand Conference call, just provide your participants with the date and time of your conference call, along with the Conference Access Number and your Passcode – that’s it. Your conference room will be ready and waiting for you and your participants to call in. If you want to host a Scheduled Conference call simply log into your FreeConferencePro Portal and go to the Schedule tab.

  • Do I need to schedule my conference call?

    No, not unless you want the FreeConferencePro to send you a confirmation e-mail with a calendar file, which you can use to create meeting invitation and reminder in your favorite calendar application. If you don’t need these features, all you need to do is to provide your participants the date and time of your conference call, along with the conference Access Number and your Passcode – that’s it. Your conference room will be ready and waiting for you and your participants to call in.

  • What's the difference between On-Demand and Scheduled conferencing?

    On Demand conferencing is a free audio conferencing service that can be used instantly, securely, and anonymously. You do not have to set up a user account nor provide us with any information regarding your conference. Everyone who calls the same Conference Access Number and enters the same Passcode will be connected together. Scheduled Conferencing users have a secure and personal FreeConferencePro Portal where they can schedule conferences, customize their conference features and settings, access recordings of previous calls, see reports and more.

  • Can I set up a recurring conference?

    Our scheduling tool does not yet provide the ability to schedule a recurring conference, however your Conference Access Number and Passcode can be used at any time. So you can indeed arrange for a regularly scheduled call with your participants, and your conference bridge will be ready and waiting for you to host an On Demand Conference at the time you arranged.

  • How much lead time is required before a conference?

    Conference calls can begin as soon as you can provide your participants with the Conference Access Number and your Passcode, and they can dial in.

  • Can I get toll-free (800 number) access to the conference?

    We do not provide toll-free access numbers at this time. Our U.S. access numbers may be domestic long distance calls for conference participants, but many – if not all – participants will likely have free, bundled, or unlimited long distance as part of their calling plan.

  • Do you provide local numbers to reach your service?

    No, we only provide phone numbers in certain area codes because our systems are located there. If domestic long distance is included in your or your participants' phone service plan, calls to those area codes are completely free.



  • Can I use a calling card when dialing into the conference call?

    Yes. You can use any telephone connection method that provides access to a US based-telephone number, including calling cards and 10-10 numbers.

  • Can I call in to the service from out of the country when traveling, for instance, in Europe, Canada, Asia, or Latin America?

    Yes. You should be able to reach our conference systems from anywhere in the world. Of course, you will incur international long distance charges if you are not within the United States when you call.

  • Can international callers participate in my conference call?

    Yes. Any caller able to dial a US telephone number will be able to access our service and join a conference call.

  • Can I dial out from a conference to join participants to the conference?

    Not at this time.



  • What will the first caller hear upon calling the conference number? Do you have music-on-hold?

    The first caller to arrive for a conference hears music until the second party enters the conference.

  • Can a participant call in to a conference before it begins and wait?

    Your participants can call into conference at any time, but they will hear music until another party joins the call.

  • How do I dial in as a host?

    To dial in as a host, please enter the * key after your Passcode (after which you would be prompted for your Host ID).

  • Can I have multiple hosts in a conference call?

    Yes. Simple have all hosts dial into a conference call with the same Host ID.

  • How does a Host manage a conference?

    When dialed in to a conference using your Host ID, you may either manage the conference with your phone keypad or from your computer with your Live Conference Control Panel, which you can launch from the My Toolbox area of your FreeConferencePro Portal.

  • How do I access the Live Conference Control Panel?

    Log in to your FreeConferencePro Portal and click the Live Conference Control Panel icon in My Toolbox.

  • Does the Host have muting controls?

    Yes. The Host can mute all participants by pressing touch-tone *5 on his or her phone keypad, or with the Mute button in the Live Conference Control Panel. The Host can mute and un-mute himself by pressing touch-tone *6. Participants may mute and un-mute themselves by pressing touch-tone *6 on their own respective phone keypads.

  • Can I have guest speakers and mute everyone else?

    Yes. Your Live Conference Control Panel gives you the ability to easily mute or un-mute all users or just specific users.

  • Can I speak to an operator?

    There is no operator available with FreeConferencePro services. Log into your FreeConferencePro Portal and launch your Live Conference Control Panel.

  • How do I stop Entry and Exit Tones?

    When you dialed in using your Host ID you can control entry and exit tones using either touchtone key *8 on your phone keypad or your Live Conference Control Panel. The default setting is to have Entry and Exit Tones ON. By pressing *8 once on your telephone keypad, you will turn Exit Tones OFF, but Entry Tones will remain ON; pressing *8 a second time will turn Entry Tones OFF and Exit Tones ON; press *8 a third time and both Entry and Exit Tones will be OFF; pressing *8 a fourth time will return to the default state of both Entry and Exit Tones ON.

  • What conference features do Participants have during a call?

    When on a FreeConferencePro call, participants have access to Participant Keypad Controls using their phone keypad. They can Self-Mute and Un-Mute (*6), receive Conference Instructions (*4), and Exit the call (*3). A map of the Participant Keypad Controls can be found here; feel free to send this link to participants in your email invitations to them.



  • How do I record a call?

    You can start recording a conference at any time during a call by selecting *9 from the telephone keypad (you must dial in using your Host ID in order to access this capability). You will then be prompted for a Recording Number. You can assign a number that's part of a sequence such as 1 for your first recording, 2 for your second, etc; or you can create your own numbering schema; or you can enter a totally random number. Please note that if you enter a number that you have used previously for another recording, your old recording will be overwritten, so be sure to assign a unique number to prevent old recordings from being overwritten. Your call will then be recorded and posted under the Recordings section of your FreeConferencePro Portal. In a special event when you wish to record before the conference starts (i.e. you are the only caller with no other participants), you will need to press *6 to un-mute yourself beforehand (Music On Hold will not stop), unless you have disabled the Music On Hold for your conference room.

  • Where do I find my recorded conference call?

    Log into your FreeConferencePro Portal and go to the Recordings tab.

  • How do I listen to my recordings?

    Your recorded conferences can be accessed 24/7 by going to the Recordings tab in your Portal. Call recordings can be downloaded as MP3 or WAV files from the Recording tab.

  • Can I allow others to listen to the call recording?

    Yes. Simply send them the downloaded file or the link to the call recording from the Recording tab.

  • When and how long will the recorded calls be available in my Portal?

    Each recording will be available within five to ten minutes of the call’s conclusion, and will remain available for at least 30 days. Please download and save the recording files you wish to keep. Due to our limited online storage, we cannot keep the files available indefinitely.

  • How do I delete a recording?

    Log into your FreeConferencePro Portal, go to the Recording tab, locate the recording you want to delete and click the delete button associated with that recording. Once the recording is deleted, it is permanently removed from the system.



  • How do I customize the system welcome greetings for my company?

    Simple and full instructions can be found in the Custom Greeting section of your FreeConferencePro Portal.

  • How do I change my Passcode or Host ID?

    You can change either your Passcode or Host ID, or both, anytime and as often as you need by logging into your FreeConferencePro Portal and going to the My Account tab.