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As a FreeConferencePro customer, you will enjoy

Excellent Quality

  • 100% crystal clear digital connections

  • Advanced background noise cancellation

  • High definition 1080p online video

Advanced Security

  • High-level security with 128-bit encryption

  • Privacy controls for safe and secure transmission of data

Ease of Use

  • Conference on-demand or schedule ahead of time

  • Convenient to invite, schedule and remind participants

  • Simple web-based scheduling tool

Multiple Conferencing Modes

  • Conversation Mode — All participants can speak

  • Q&A Mode — Only moderators can speak; Participants can unmute themselves

  • Presentation Mode — Only moderators can mute and unmute participants

High Capacity

  • Standard calls for 2 to 1,000 participants

  • Online meetings for up to 5 participants

  • Never worry about the duration of calls with unlimited time provided

Total Control

  • Your personal FreeConferencePro Portal is where you can

  • Schedule meetings

  • View detailed reports of past meetings

  • Set your call setting preferences for entry/exit tones

  • Adjust security settings

  • And more!

  • Host Keypad Controls let you:

  • Manage callers, security, and settings right from your phone keypad

  • Get real-time participant counts, mute and un-mute participants

  • And more!

Enhance Every Meeting With Add-on Paid Features

Custom Greeting

Welcome guests with a professional studio-recorded message.

Cue™ Smart Meeting Summaries

Meeting details and exchanges are logged and in one place.

Additional Security

One-time Access Code, Security Code and Lock for total peace of mind.

Smart Search

Make searching and finding important conversations easy and time-efficient.


Automatic written record of speaker tags, and time and date stamps.

Custom Company Branding

Include your logo and branding scheme.

UI Themes & custom branding

Add color and personality to your conferences.

Live Streaming to YouTube

Reach a broader audience with a URL link to YouTube.

SMS Notifications

Reminders of upcoming meetings sent straight to your handheld device.

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