All FreeConferencePro customers enjoy:

Superior Quality

  • 100% crystal clear digital connections
  • Advanced background noise cancellation

Ease of Use

  • 24/7 system access
  • Simple web-based scheduling tool, accessible from any computer or mobile device equipped with a web browser

High Capacity

  • Standard call for 2 to 800 participants; if you are hosting an audio event for more than 800 participants, please contact us
  • Unlimited call duration *

Advanced Security

  • Set the level of call security according to your needs

Multiple Conferencing Modes

  • Conversation Mode
  • Q&A Mode
  • Presentation Mode

Total Control

  • Personal FreeConferencePro Portal where you can schedule meetings, access recordings and view detailed reports of past meetings, and set your call setting preferences for entry/exit tones, security, and more.
  • Host Keypad Controls let you manage callers, security, and settings right from your phone keypad. Get real-time participant counts, lock and unlock the conference, mute and un-mute participants, and more.
  • Live Conference Control Panel gives you all the control as the Host Keypad Controls with additional capabilities, such as a real-time view of who is on your conference.

Customization Options

  • Register a unique personal Passcode that’s easy for you to remember

Free Advanced & Enterprise Features

  • Free and unlimited call recording and download
  • Q&A Mode
  • Detailed reporting with flexible formatting